Monday, May 2, 2011

This might squeeze the resources at the Calgary Humane Society

05. 07. 11     As predicted, there is no room at the inn if you are a Shih Tzu or a Doberman.   Dump your Dandy Dinmonts and kick your Kuvasz to the curb, people, the Calgary Humane Society is full...of pit bulls.  

05. 02. 11.    34 pit bulls were just seized, dehydrated and neglected, from a Calgary breeding operation, several were pregnant.  34 pit bulls will now require care and assessment (behavioural as well as physical, one can only hope) from the Humane Society.  Assuming only 3 of the dogs were pregnant and assuming a very modest litter size of 8 puppies each, 58 pit bulls will be added to the already-problematic Calgary pit bull population.

Thanks for making this kind of pit breeding scum feel so welcome in Calgary, Bill.


  1. We need to stop blaming a breed of dog on a persons utter incompetence. We need stiffer penalties for people that don't train or socialize a dog properly. Pitbull's are not naturally aggressive towards people, they were not bread for that, instead they have been pushed to be aggressive towards humans. Any animal that is put into a fight or flight situation will similarly. The majority of dogs are predators so they will act on the fight response. We are the ambassadors for and k9 breed and they will turn out the way we raise them. We need to stop blaming the dog and start pointing fingers at bad owners that neglect to recognize the tendencies of the breed of dog in which they own.

  2. Actually every dog seized was totally friendly there haven't been any issues with them at all. They all adore human contact and just need some medical care and house training...

  3. I think what we really need to do is learn about basic dog behavior, especially the part where dogs are naturally social animals that will not seriously harm each other, even during "fights" over territory or breeding. Fighting dogs have had those instincts bred away and replaced with genetics that cause them to fight over nothing and to not stop, with the intention of hurting/killing their opponent. These instincts are not dependent on training, socialization, or the owner in any way. Once we are all properly educated on pit bulls, only then will we be in a position to help them. And there is no excuse for animal control and pit bull advocates to be spreading misinformation at this point.

  4. Nothing to see here, just making a lil' money...

    Welcome to the Pit Breed Stewardship crazy train Calgary!

  5. these bureaucratic do-gooders make me want to on a pitbull style rampage. ahhhhh i love the smell of napalm in the morning!

  6. Wishful thinking of a social change where people become responsible with their pets ain't gonna solve the problem. Reality checks about pit bulls is a better way to go. If Anon had a clue about standard dog behavior, then Anon would know that pit bulls don't read the books and neither do they follow the rules.

  7. 2004 "scuffle" story from Idyllic Calgary:

    Mon, November 15, 2004

    Pit bull owner backs ban after mauling


    Watching in horror as her beloved dog was fatally mauled by her two pit bulls has convinced a heartbroken woman to support a ban on the controversial dogs. "Right up until that fight, I stuck up for them, always gave them the benefit of the doubt and defended them because they were my children," a distraught Betty Petrov said last night, one day after her 12-year-old German shepherd, Sarge, was killed by her two pit bulls in the living room of an Edmonton Tr. home.

    "By raising them and giving them love, hugs and kisses every day and no violence, we figured we could overcome the stereotype and, in the end, it didn't happen.

    "Unfortunately, I probably would support a ban."

    During a family gathering, for no apparent reason, one of her two pit bulls -- who lived with Sarge since they were puppies -- lunged at the shepherd with the other joining in.

    Petrov's mother hit the attackers with a board as Petrov struggled to pry the attackers off the shepherd she raised since a pup.

    The 12-year-old dog, after being grabbed by the throat by one dog while attacked by the other, did not survive.

    Petrov later made the devastating decision to euthanize her two other dogs.

    "It's the right decision," the teary woman said. "Even if we were to keep the other dogs, I could never love them in the same way, all I'm going to see is the death of my baby.

    "It's not their fault, but the bottom line is it's just bred into them."

    Ontario recently introduced legislation which could see it become the first Canadian province to ban pit bulls by the end of the year.

    Pit bulls have been banned in Windsor and Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont., and Winnipeg.

    There are similar bans in place in France, Britain and Germany.

  8. A lot of these dogs are not with the CHS They have Foster homes through other organizations in other citys. I met a few of these dogs today, I must say I am impressed at how wonderful the ones I met are. Yes they are big and were bread to be big but to be a fighting dog, they would have to be trained that way. If they were to be mean it would be because of neglect of training and structure.

  9. I agree that Dogs/ Breeds are not to blame… Humans are responsible… And we have proven over and over again that there are to many bad dog owners out there.

    Many small dogs are more likely to bite- even more likely than a large dogs- BUT THEIR BITES ARE NOT DEVASTATING> This is the problem and we are just not getting it.

    My dog was just mauled almost to death by a Pitbull yesterday… I have had other scares with other large dog bites before but never to this extent. He just came back home this morning and it looks like he will be fine. I have 3 dogs and have always been a dog owner and lover (of all breeds) Two of my dogs are small terriers a Fox and Welsh terrier. They have never bitten another dog or a person.

    Out of all my years of being a dog owner, I can not even recall how many vet bills I have spent on due to other large dogs attacking my babies. All injuries have done by Pitbulls, Sheppard’s and a rottweilers.

    My dogs have all been to behaviorist training, and basic training classes, I take great care of them like one of the family. They get 3 walks a day. and if I adopt a dog that has issues, I teat it VERY Seriously. I do not take them out without a muzzle, or only in confined supervised areas.

    I am sick of people getting pets due to selfish reasons… If someone cant afford to have one, train one Or the ability to love one and do the research- They are not ready to have one.

    Getting a dog it to easy and casual. It it HUGE- like having a child. No one treats it like this.

    Dogs that can do this much harm SHOULD NOT be legal to Breed anymore. It breaks my heart to say that but I am sick of this... I cant believe how irresponsible society has become. The wrong type of people are drawn to have one and are making others suffer…

    BTW, the owner of the this recent Pitbull attack on my dog was off leach, my dog was on his leash as well as our smaller dog that we picked up on time. The pitbull Ran from across the park and we noticed due to one of the men Yelling PICK UP YOUR DOG PICK UP YOUR DOG. Withing that second we saw a flash come from behind us (Large Tan Pitbull) Grabbed our fox terriers neck and didn't let go until the owner came and beat his dog until he let go.... They then Took off running.. While our beloved dog almost bled to death right their.