Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And the pit distribution begins...

05. 18. 11.  And on the heels of yet another unexpected and unprovoked attack involving a Calgary pit bull comes the first of the "adoptions" of the 34 pit bulls seized from a breeding operation (that 34 doesn't include all of the puppies which will be up for "adoption" once they are born).  Desiree Arsenault of the Calgary Humane Society explains that they are very magnanimously planning to release the pits a few at a time to avoid compromising adoptions of other breeds.  Huh?   It doesn't matter how slowly you adopt them out, Desiree, there will still be 58 (remember the puppies) pit bulls bumping 58 normal dogs from homes. 

CHS assures us these dogs have all been "temperament tested" and have all passed with "flying colors".  How do you accurately assess the temperament of a fighting dog that hasn't yet reached maturity, Desiree?  Were they extensively tested with other dogs in provocative situations?  Doubt it.  Were they extensively tested with cats in provocative situations?  Doubt it.  Farm animals?  Children?  Probably not at all and not at all.

I am going to add a new prediction - we will soon see a violent incident involving one of these pit bulls. 



    Why don't you learn some things from some highly educated people who actually know what they are talking about. Not just feeding into the ignorant media frenzy.

  2. Has it occurred to you that the pictures of those dogs with family members doesn't necessarily mean what you think it means? Those pits could easily be the champion fighters and they are just proud enough to make their pictures. Has it also occurred to you that the blabbing vet on there has a spot on the Pimping for Pits channel and says what they want him to say? You need to educate yourself, Anon, and stop letting the pit apologists pull your strings.

  3. Please don't call it it what it really is...TRAFFICKING.

  4. Oh that is the most disgusting place I've ever seen. They've got an INTACT female presa canario and an INTACT female ambull/pit bull. and TWO intact female Bullmastiff / Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mixes. UNBELIEVABLE!! Plus various intact female mutts. They might as well hang a sign out - all bybers come buy our intact fighting dogs and make another mess like the one we just found!

    They've got practically nothing but killing dogs. I never thought a humane society would work that hard to pull down property values and generally ruin the quality of life of Calgary. Shameful.

  5. "Media hysteria" does not create victims, pit bulls create victims every day. Behind every pit attack story there is a very real victim, just like me.

  6. And P, have you considered that your fear of a breed of dog stems from the media hysteria surrounding them? Have you considered that not everything you read in the news is true? Have you considered that many other breeds of dogs bite, attack, maim... but it doesn't hit the news simply for the fact that it doesn't make headlines like the infamous Pit Bull? Have you considered that while yes, there are definitely a few bad apples in the mix of this breed, caused solely by poor breeding and irresponsible owners, but that the majority of dogs of this breed never bite, attack, maim...? Have you considered it not somewhat ignorant and prejudice to blame and hate an entire breed of dog, as opposed to look at each dog individually?

    I for one hope that I am judged by the content of my character and not the color of my skin or the clothes on my back. Have you not ever been unfairly judged or accused of something you didn't do? I think most of us have. I definitely have as an owner of this highly misunderstood breed, as have my dogs who have never done anything but love the species that often hates them so much. Preconceived notions are saddening and frustrating to say the least, but when someone falls in love with my dog only to find out through their own personal experiences that Pit Bulls are not always the vicious man biters they've been made out to be, it gives me hope for society.

    And P, I even have a little bit of hope that one day someone will open your eyes... about ten years ago I saw a friendly, beautiful dog on death row at the pound. His euthanasia date was set for the next day and the staff was near begging me to adopt him. I was strongly considering it until I asked what breed he was, when the staff member replied a Pit Bull... I kindly said, "a Pit Bull? no thank you!" and walked the other way. The next day I went back to adopt the cute Retriever cross, the stereotypical all American family dog. My "cute" dog turned out to be so animal aggressive and unpredictable that she needed to be confined from them all together for the rest of her life. The beautiful, friendly American Pit Bull Terrier that I had turned my nose up to had been euthanized that day.

    While I did not hate the breed as much as you do, I could have helped one and chose not to because of my ignorance. Since then, after falling in love with the breed and recognizing the grave injustice that society has shown them, I have owned and fostered many Pit Bull type dogs, not one has even come close to the severe behavioral issues of my "cute" retriever cross... served me right for being an ignorant bastard!

  7. "Dorothea Malm said...
    Oh that is the most disgusting place I've ever seen. They've got an INTACT female presa canario and an INTACT female ambull/pit bull. and TWO intact female Bullmastiff / Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mixes. UNBELIEVABLE!! Plus various intact female mutts. They might as well hang a sign out - all bybers come buy our intact fighting dogs and make another mess like the one we just found!
    May 25, 2011 5:31 PM"

    Are you aware that the the humane society spay/neuters every dog/cat that goes out of the doors into the public.... LOL

  8. Why haven't they spayed or neutered the dogs on their webpage yet, then? Do they do it befor the dog or cat leaves the facility or do they simply request that the adopter do it?

  9. To Anonymous 11:08,

    My cousin's family gave a cute, friendly pit bull puppy a chance 15 years ago. 6 years after they adopted her she repaid their kindness by attacking their daughter in her bed, fracturing both of the bones in her forearm and destroying so many of the tendons and nerves that her arm is still mostly useless. She was 5 at the time, she is 14 now, and she has undergone 17 surgeries.

    The dog was treated like a family member. She had slept with that child most nights since she was a toddler. She had never shown an ounce of aggression to that child, or to anyone or anything up until that event. The little girl was in bed and my cousin, her mom, took the dog with her to say goodnight, as she did every night. That night, the little girl had left a squeaky stuffy on the ground near her bed. When her mom accidentally stepped on it, the dog triggered and attacked the child. My cousin and her husband had to beat the dog with a landscaping brick to get it to release. Imagine yourself being sent by your husband to dig a brick out of the garden so that he can try to kill your family pet with it before your family pet kills your child. These dogs are so unimaginably violent. Golden Retrievers don't do these kind of things. They don't have to be knocked unconscious before they release the mutilated arm of a child that has loved them for 5 years. No normal dog does.

    Pit bulls are not like other, normal pet dogs. They can for years without an incident and suddenly trigger and launch an attack like the one my cousin's daughter survived. They were bred by cruel, inhumane people for perverted purposes and there is no place in a civilized society for them.

  10. Calgary Pit had to be tasered by Law enforcement a couple of weeks ago...Way to go Bill!

  11. I welled up reading how this Calgary Pit tried to break up a family argument by mauling his owners back in early 2009....

    To be fair, Corgis do this all the time...the evil media just suppresses it!

  12. "These dogs are so unimaginably violent. Golden Retrievers don't do these kind of things. They don't have to be knocked unconscious before they release the mutilated arm of a child that has loved them for 5 years. No normal dog does." Tell that to my retriever cross (and no, she's definitely not crossed with any sort of Pit Bull)... not with a human, but I have definitely come close to knocking her out to get her to let go of another dogs throat. Dog aggression is horrible and needs to be taken extremely seriously. There are always signs that lead up to an attack, those who do not see them just don't know what to look for or do not realize.

    I am very sorry for the incident with your cousins family, that would have been horrific... but I can promise you that it has happened with MANY other breeds. I will agree that Pit Bulls are not like "normal" pet dogs. I do not believe they should be owned by just anyone. They (like many other breeds) are very powerful and most need a strong owner both in mind and body. Their one fault is that it is more common to see dog aggression, as is the same for any dog bred at one time for dog fighting. While they were bred for dog aggression, they were also bred to be extremely human friendly. A true to standard American Pit Bull Terrier is the most trusting, loving and people friendly breed that I have ever encountered.

    Dorothea Malm, first off you are a very ignorant person. Second, the Humane Society Spays and Neuters ALL adopted dogs and cats before they leave the facility. It is included in the adoption fee and it's absolutely mandatory. It's even mandatory that other pets in potential adopters homes be fixed before they will adopt a pet out, unless that pet is CKC registered and they have a good reason for not fixing them. Things like intact dogs IS a proven attributing factor to dog attacks.

    Irresponsible pet ownership is where the problem lies, I do not understand how you people cannot see that.

  13. Anon 08, the pit nutter tactics don't work on me. I have been dealing with pits for several decades now. I wanted one until I did my research in anticipation of getting one. Once I did that research and I don't mean cutting and pasting from the dogmen's forums, I realized that pits were never to be pets.

    Why do we even have purebreds? Because we wanted them to do specific jobs for us. What were pits bred to do? Case closed.

  14. Meet Calgary's newest resident Neo-Nazi...who left Waterloo-Kitchener for the Pit Bullian Utopia of Calgary.

    Way to go Bill!

  15. I wish no other dogs would exist. I hate all the just plain looking dogs. Pit bulls are the best. They are beautiful, smart and proud animals not like retrivers and others. Even when those retriver looking dogs look up at you and you look deeply into their eyes all you see is " FOOD". They would sell their loyalty for a piece of treat. That is not a friend or companion it is just a "pet". And pit bulls would stay with you no metter what. I was really scared of dogs when i got my first ( my wife made me) pit bull from Calgary Humane and i will grew with him and i did reserch and i trained him and i cannot imagine getting any kind of other dog.

  16. I hope that when the first of those rescued and/or so called rehabilitated pits attacks someone that the victim knows to sue the CHS for releasing a dangerous animal back out into the community. I say this because anyone who takes a dangerous dog and releases back into any community assumes liability for the animal and needs to be held civilly and criminally responsible for it.

  17. Can I just point out that Eugene is the kind of person that CHS adopts to? 'Nuff said.

  18. First off, seriously Douglas Wolfe? You live in Texas, how much time do you have on your hand to be posting on some lame blog regarding Pit Bulls in Calgary? Focus on your own city, state or country! Calgary doesn't need you to add your two ignorant cents... unfortunately, we already have enough. Nothing in that article even remotely implies that those dogs were dangerous, only another sad tale of Pit Bulls being neglected. Disgusting that you people can take an article about neglected animals that have done NOTHING wrong and turn the victims into villains, shame on you!

    Anonymous 10:29, I can see that you are just as ignorant with people as you are with dogs. What on earth about Eugene's post would at all make him sound like an irresponsible dog owner? He stated that he researched the breed, trained his dog and sounds as though he loves his Pit Bull as much as I'm sure his Pit Bull loves him... something you will never understand, as you will obviously never know the love that a Pit Bull is capable of showing it's owners.

    Eugene, thank you for adopting, researching, training and loving your Pit Bull. Calgary needs more people like you to step up and adopt one of the many wonderful Pit Bulls in need of a loving/responsible home.

  19. CHS spays/neuters animals once adopted, read the website when preaching. Most of those pitties were already 4-5 years old so past this 2 year 'issue' you have with them and there was actually only one NURSING female. Again, research buddy.
    If there was a pregnant female that is not very far along they will spay her prior to adoptions just like with any other breed, they don't want more puppies!

    Also, i have seen retrievers and labs flip the **** out on people more than i've seen pitties, in fact 80% of aggressive (mature) dogs i've seen are Labs.

    It really is the owners, most people that get retrievers/labs want something soft and cuddly for a family, collies seem to be seen more as farm dogs, pitties are unfortunatly the 'macho' dog, gotten by ignorant idiots who teach them to attack without a second thought, preying on a more natural instinct all dogs have, then acting surprised when the dog attacks them or someone close to them.

    You're a fool.