Monday, April 25, 2011

Another child, another pit bull.

Video of Peaches behaviour (clearly, this is an aggressive and unstable dog) and her owner (just what I expected) available here.  Calgary's Liontamers are going to rehab Peaches and send her home.

Update:  Looks like this pit will be returned to the owner to maul another day.  "Peaches" might have to wear a muzzle for a year, but I'm sure her owner - clearly a responsible, upstanding citizen (can you see Peaches abdomen in that picture?  Looks like she has already had at least one litter) - will abide by the new rules...don't you think?   Seriously, can you imagine the stupidity of an AC department that would release a dog that had to be beaten off a child by more than one person and continued its attack on the child even while under attack by several adults itself?  I am going to make a prediction that Calgary is going to have a pit fatality this year. 

04. 24. 11.  Four year-old Haley Khidri is the latest victim of Calgary's generous dog bylaws.  At around 7 pm Haley was attacked in her own yard by a loose, unlicensed (but Bruce, I thought ALL pits were licensed in Calgary??) "tan-colored" pit bull.  Neighbours rushed to her aid, but the pit bull would not relent and the child had to be first placed on top of a car, then rushed into a house while neighbours tried to distract the pit bull by beating it with brooms and sticks.  The pit bull followed the child into the house (have you EVER heard of another breed doing this?  Can you imagine a Lab being this relentlessly focused on killing a child?  A Collie?  A Shepherd?) so the neighbours had to resume their beating of the dog.   If this had happened on a day when the neighbours had been working and not available to repeatedly beat the dog off the child, the child would be dead.  Does a child have to die in Calgary before something is done about the growing pit bull problem here?  Man up Bill, you know this isn't working.