Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And the pit distribution begins...

05. 18. 11.  And on the heels of yet another unexpected and unprovoked attack involving a Calgary pit bull comes the first of the "adoptions" of the 34 pit bulls seized from a breeding operation (that 34 doesn't include all of the puppies which will be up for "adoption" once they are born).  Desiree Arsenault of the Calgary Humane Society explains that they are very magnanimously planning to release the pits a few at a time to avoid compromising adoptions of other breeds.  Huh?   It doesn't matter how slowly you adopt them out, Desiree, there will still be 58 (remember the puppies) pit bulls bumping 58 normal dogs from homes. 

CHS assures us these dogs have all been "temperament tested" and have all passed with "flying colors".  How do you accurately assess the temperament of a fighting dog that hasn't yet reached maturity, Desiree?  Were they extensively tested with other dogs in provocative situations?  Doubt it.  Were they extensively tested with cats in provocative situations?  Doubt it.  Farm animals?  Children?  Probably not at all and not at all.

I am going to add a new prediction - we will soon see a violent incident involving one of these pit bulls. 

Do you think this pit bull will like the new baby?

05. 17. 11.   A pit bull bolted through an open door to attack a Husky cross being walked on-leash across the street.  The pit's pregnant owner tried to pry her dog off the Husky, but was bitten by her own dog   Police responded and had to taser the pit bull 3 times to pry it from the Husky.  The pit bull advocates are, of course, trying to tell us that these kinds of incidents happen every day with other breeds in Calgary.  What do you think?  Was there a Tervuren tased on Tuesday and a Scottie stunned on Sunday that we didn't hear about? 

And will this gentle pit bull like the new baby when it arrives?  I'm confident that Bill will release it so that we can find out.

Monday, May 2, 2011

This might squeeze the resources at the Calgary Humane Society

05. 07. 11     As predicted, there is no room at the inn if you are a Shih Tzu or a Doberman.   Dump your Dandy Dinmonts and kick your Kuvasz to the curb, people, the Calgary Humane Society is full...of pit bulls.  

05. 02. 11.    34 pit bulls were just seized, dehydrated and neglected, from a Calgary breeding operation, several were pregnant.  34 pit bulls will now require care and assessment (behavioural as well as physical, one can only hope) from the Humane Society.  Assuming only 3 of the dogs were pregnant and assuming a very modest litter size of 8 puppies each, 58 pit bulls will be added to the already-problematic Calgary pit bull population.

Thanks for making this kind of pit breeding scum feel so welcome in Calgary, Bill.