Sunday, July 31, 2011

Importing pits from Ontario (like we need more)

Calgary is one of a number of destinations for pit bulls that are slated to be destroyed in Ontario.  We are assured that THESE pits are not dangerous.  THESE pits have been fully temperament tested and will make wonderful pets.  Yet, most of these pits are under 2 years of age and anyone who knows anything about pit bulls knows that their aggression doesn't usually manifest until 2 years of age.   Which means that a proper temperament test could not be conducted on a pit bull less than 2 years old.  Which is irrelevant because no one conducts proper temperament tests on pit bulls anyway - pits are never tested under stress for animal aggression or aggression towards children or the elderly. 

Recently, you-know-who contemplated the fact that pit bulls are now leading the bite count in Calgary and proclaimed that it must simply be lack of training and socialization on the part of Calgary's dog owners.  Lack of training?   He first says their is nothing breed specific at work, yet he intimates that it is simply a lack of training that is responsible for the very breed-specific increase in serious bites by pit bulls and pit bull mixes in Calgary.  Obviously failing to train your Labrador has nothing to do with serious bites by pit bulls, so it is equally obvious - to us AND to him - that this increase in serious attacks by pit bulls is a very breed-specific phenomenon.  

So, obviously we have a problem specifically with pit bulls not being trained by pit bull owners.  In the mind of those who don't support BSL, pit bull owners are therefore, for some reason, less responsible than other breeds' owners (remember that if you don't accept that it is the owners then you have to accept that it is the breed).  So, if  the people that own pit bulls are so much less responsible than the people that own Labs that they have made their dogs 32 times more likely to seriously injure someone, why the hell are we importing dogs for them?  It is completely senseless.

Yet, you-know-who would have us believe that he simply cannot seem to make the connection between THAT and THIS?   I know that he really isn't that stupid.  I am continually amazed at just how disingenuous he is.

 I strongly believe that, with the number of pits our city has imported and produced in the last 2 years, someone is going to die because of his relentless, ridiculous, misanthropic pursuit of the adoration (and reward) of the pit parade.  I believe that it is very likely that Calgary will have its first, very breed-specific fatality by the end of this year.