Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do you think this pit bull will like the new baby?

05. 17. 11.   A pit bull bolted through an open door to attack a Husky cross being walked on-leash across the street.  The pit's pregnant owner tried to pry her dog off the Husky, but was bitten by her own dog   Police responded and had to taser the pit bull 3 times to pry it from the Husky.  The pit bull advocates are, of course, trying to tell us that these kinds of incidents happen every day with other breeds in Calgary.  What do you think?  Was there a Tervuren tased on Tuesday and a Scottie stunned on Sunday that we didn't hear about? 

And will this gentle pit bull like the new baby when it arrives?  I'm confident that Bill will release it so that we can find out.


  1. Two fence jumping Calgary Pits attack a Pom in it's own back yard back in 2008...Way to go Bill!

  2. Pit bulls were bred for dog fighting and are far more likely than other breeds to fatally maul other dogs. I can't see why people with children think fighting dogs would make the best pets for them.

    An organized dog fight between two pit bulls is a horrifying spectacle. There are lots of descriptions of these in old books about pit bulls. The dogs will latch onto each other and refuse to let go. They latch and shake onto each other and the whole horrid affair can last upwards of two hours. Given that champion fighting dogs tend to be bred from other champion fighting dogs, there's reason to believe that their tendency to explosive aggression is heritable. The pit bull fanatics' deniable of that just places other dogs in danger.