Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is the story of Ginger according to the Star.  Bill Bruce is attempting to bring Ginger to Calgary to adopt her out:


This is the story of Ginger according to the published court documents pertaining to the original "scuffle" which got her slated for euthanasia:

 Some highlights:

"I concluded that the defendant’s dog “Ginger’ had in fact been responsible for initiating the attack on “Buddy” and for repeatedly biting Jody MacDonald and her dog. The repeated biting of “Buddy was sufficient to inflict serious wounds which were described by Jody MacDonald in her testimony. Further, this attack was made possible by the failure of Bernadette Razac to keep Ginger leashed and muzzled on the date in question."

"I hereby confirm and incorporate my findings of credibility and fact which appear elsewhere in this judgment. In particular, I have found that Ginger attacked and repeatedly bit both Buddy and his owner, Jody MacDonald."

"My finding was that Ginger was not leashed and not muzzled on November 29, 2005. Further, I found that Ms. Razac’s failure to follow her son’s instructions had facilitated this attack on Buddy. Had Ginger been properly muzzled on the date in question, Ginger may still have been able to start the dog-fight. However, the muzzle would have prevented her from repeatedly biting and seriously injuring Buddy."



  1. Looks like you will become very busy on this blog before long. Bruce is inviting pits into his community such as this one, owned by a man who deliberately broke the law by owning one, failing to muzzle and the pit was unaltered. Some service dog. The pit owner took the muzzle off to let his dog drink, why not buy a muzzle that allows drinking instead?

    Then the report of severe dog bites doubling in 2010. Since Bruce doesn't record by breed, he is doing Calgary an injustice by not letting them see which breeds are doing all these attacks. We know what the answer would be if he did record, pit bulls.

    Trying to hide the truth will only lead to more maulings and deaths. Let's see how long it takes for him to start singing a different tune about pits, can't hide the truth forever.

  2. I read somewhere that the Pit-Jihadists at the Toronto Humane Society spent in excess of $400,000 trying to save Ginger.

    They really want the Toronto Pit Breeding market opened back up!

  3. Here is the other Pit that bit 4 people that THS spent $400K on....and they still tell us "manbiters were culled".

  4. Here is the link: